Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’

a.k.a. Euphorbia WATERSAVER™ ‘Ascot Rainbow’

Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’ has been selected for its distinct and unique variegated flowers and foliage. The flower color consists of cream, lime, and green while the foliage displays tones of cream, green/blue with stunning red-pink coloring throughout cooler months. One of the major benefits of this selection is extreme tolerance to heat and dryness. Easy to root and grow! With no known pests or diseases and stunning foliage color throughout the year. From our friends at PlantHaven.

Origin: Australia

  • Zone 6
  • Unique tubular flowers: Cream, lime and green
  • Compact and slightly spreading

Patent Status: USPP #21401