JOB POSTING –  October 25 2017

Plant nursery is currently looking for an experienced Maintenance Mechanic. The ideal candidate should be familiar with maintenance and repairing tractors and other field machinery, MIG welding, as well as have some building (in our case greenhouse) maintenance experience to include conveyors, production lines, electrical and computer linked controls and basic plumbing. This is a full time, year round position with competitive compensation package including great benefits: 401K with matching employer contribution, 3 weeks paid vacation, 4 paid holidays, and healthcare package. Short and long term disability insurance available. Resumes should be emailed to:


Pioneer Gardens, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on offering a safe, fun and professional place to work. You can print off a copy of our online Employment Application Form by clicking here.


Growing can be a rewarding, but humbling, occupation at times. We need to have a vision of what our final crops are going to turn out like and, with that in mind, we need to plan well to achieve our goals.

Roger McGaughey, Pioneer’s Head Grower, has contributed another great article to Grower Talks magazine regarding hiring and training a college grad.  Read all about it by clicking here …