Feature: Master Painters™ Collection of Heuchera

CNB New Plants is proud to introduce a brand new series of Heuchera from Thierry & Sandrine Delabroye (Hantay France). This introduction contains a special series of strong Heuchera – a real breakthrough in Heuchera breeding.

Thierry saw the new Heucherellas coming out during the last few years. He was not impressed with the flowers and thought: “I will breed Heucheras with nice veins and strong colors in the leaves, looking like the Heucherellas, but with much better flowers”.

After many years of crossings and selecting, Thierry created a series of special Heuchera. The beauty of Heucherellas is in the leaves, amazing colours and real contrast in veins and leaves. The dream of Thierry came through in getting this ‘Heucherella look’ into the much stronger Heuchera. “The market is enriched with Heucheras, as if a master painter has brushed them”, according to Thierry.



Heuchera ‘Gauguin’ is a nice compact growing plant. When the plant grows older the leaves turn dark red, almost black with a nice green edge. It’s pink/red flowering.



Heuchera ‘Picasso’ is also compact and has very deep red veins in the green leaves. Some leaves are deep red. It’s also flowers pink/red. For sure, this variety is an eye catcher in the garden.



Heuchera ‘Renoir’ has veins in the leaves like Heuchera ‘Tiramisu’®. This plant is compact and very strong. Flowers are red/pink.



Heuchera ‘Van Gogh’ has excellent red colour in the leaves which are widely edged green. Flowers are also red/pink.



All the Master Painters Heuchera have the same flowering time from May until July. The leaves will be around 10-12 inches (25-30cm) high. The flower height is around 14-16 inches (35-40cm). The Master Painters can be used easily in containers for on the terrace but also in the garden. The best place to plant is half shade/sun.

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