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  • We are now accepting orders for Rudbeckia Little Goldstar in 50 cell liners of summer and fall potting.

Supply is limited to the quantities listed below:


image posted May 19 2017










  • 26,000 Rudbeckia ‘Little Goldstar’ in large 50 cell liners available for shipping in June
  • Perfect for retail sales late summer through fall in one gallon containers
  • ‘Little Goldstar’ is sterile and blooms until frost
  • Only 12” tall, no pinching, no growth regulators    


Available: Rudbeckia
June 26 – July 16 26,000 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98
July 17 – Aug 6 18,600 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98
Aug 7 – Aug 27 16,350 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98
Aug 27 – Sept 17 43,200 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98
Sept 18 – Oct 8 37,150 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98
Oct 9 – Oct 29 34,900 Little Goldstar (+0.25) 50’s 0.98



Cooler inventory clearance

  • Last call for spring ‘17 bare root.
  • We still have great varieties of Sedum, Perovskia and other product available for immediate shipping.
  • Please scroll down for our complete availability.


We have just a few Perovskia remaining in our cooler. Dormant, perfectly prepped and trimmed for premium one gallon or 2 gallon containers

Perovskia cooler May 26 2017Perovskia (now)
    6665 atriplicifolia 1.18
      250 Blue Steel 1.98


Sedum Sparkler Dazzleberry in garden

Sedum Dazzleberry available bare root, try some today!



Sedum (now)  
       400 Birthday Party (+0.10) 1.68
       150 Dark Magic (+0.10) 1.68
       250 Marina (+0.10) 1.68
      500 Neon 1.28
     5435 Dazzleberry (+0.16) 1.68
     5800 Lime Zinger (+0.20) 1.68
         400 Rosetta (0.10) 1.68


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Thank you for your business ~ Arjen


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