Echinacea ‘Mellow Yellows’

Here’s what our friends at Jelitto Seed say about it:


Mellow Yellows‘Mellow Yellows’ is the newest in Jelitto’s long, successful line of seed-grown ECHINACEA strains. Jelitto took decades to establish this yellow strain. The breeding and trialing process cannot be rushed. There are twists, turns and disappointments, but we are focused on quality, uniqueness and affordability. And that requires patience and vision. ’Mellow Yellows’ array includes colorful shades from creamy yellow, lemon yellow to dark yellow. Plants are variable in color and height, and there are no pinks whatsoever.

The cost of tissue-cultured plugs, subsequent production losses, patent royalties and trademark registrations only increase your costs. It needn’t be a tough decision.

’Mellow Yellows’ joins ’Magnus’, ’Magnus Superior’, ’Happy Star’, ’Green Twister’ and 5 other wild species as the sensible, seed-grown alternative to expensive, patented clones.

Hardy zones 4-8, with an erect, upright habit – growing 30-32” tall